About Me

A few things.....



I'm a FOSS enthusiast with a particular interest for Linux distros (especially Arch Linux) and Rust. As a strong believer in the Open Source philosophy, I also self host a few open source alternatives to certain unavoidable applications.

I place quality and optimization infront of all other philosophies in my work. I am also fond of teaching and organising events to help developers.

I spent my time ricing my Arch Linux setup, writing tiny helpfull projects in Rust and polishing my skills in DevOps. Also, I'm a big mechanical keyboard nerd (yes its worth it) and also belong to the more keyboard centric userbase in the Linux user community.

Gopaddle Intern

Project Intern

A VM migration tool for monolithic apps (from a VM to docker container)

Google Cloud Ready

Campus Facilitator of TKMCE, Kollam

Trained by Google India for a month and then trained fellow students on GCP